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Citizen Watch Repair: Great Communication about Your Timepiece

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

You’re sending in your watch...your personal property. Watches often have tremendous sentimental value. We understand and we want you to know all is well.

We go out of our way to communicate with you each step of the way; at least SIX times!

  • When you visit our site and request a free shipping label you will receive several emails from us. You will receive the shipping label, just in case you were not able to print the label during your visit to our site. You will also receive the tracking number for your package so you can keep an eye on it during its journey to us

  • Once we receive the package and record it in our computer systems you will receive an email confirming receipt. That email will also contain the job number that we assigned to it.

  • A few days later you will receive another email from us with our evaluation for repair. Any charges will be clearly spelled out for your to look over. We then wait for you to approve and pay for the service.

  • When you pay an automatic email is sent to you confirming the funds were received.

  • Once we see the payment in our systems we will contact you confirming that the work was approved and we are moving your watch into the repair cycle.

  • When your watch completes the repair cycle and passes testing in Quality Control we will ship your watch back to you. Even before the package leaves our facility you will receive an email with tracking info so that you may keep an eye on it during its journey back to you.

In all, the average customer will receive no less than SIX emails from us, keeping you in the know each step of the way.

If there is a delay, we will let you know. Delays occur when parts are needed to complete the repair to your timepiece and we do not have the particular part. Part delays are not common but they do happen. This occurs since Citizen Watch lists TENS OF THOUSANDS of parts for their watches. We stock many, many repair parts but not all. Again, if there is a parts delay, we will let you know.

We look forward to serving you :-)

Hurley Roberts Service Co. Any questions? We’re here to help. Call us at 770.263.8669 or email us at


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