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A Guide to Charging and Recharging Eco-Drive Watches

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Citizen Eco-Drive watches use an environmentally friendly highly specialized rechargeable cell to store electrical energy. When the watch is fully charged, most Eco-Drive watches have a power reserve of 6 months or more. Some specialized models may feature a shorter power reserve, while others may have up to a 5 year power reserve.

To ensure optimal operation of your watch, expose your watch to direct sunlight at least once (1) each month, for at least five (5) hours.

An effective way of charging your watch is to keep it in a bright location when you are not wearing it, such as near a window where it can receive direct sunlight. Be sure to avoid charging your watch on a surface that can become extremely hot, such as a car dashboard as this can damage sensitive components within your watch.

The dial (face) of the watch should face towards the window so that it can “see” the sun (see photo). We suggest positioning the watch on it’s three or nine o’clock edge so that the dial (face) of the watch is pointing towards the window, rather than at the ceiling. This will ensure the most light possible can reach the dial (face) watch.

Less than optimal position for charging is placing the watch lying flat on the window sill, facing the ceiling. This minimizes the amount of light that can reach the watch. If the watch does not face the window/sun directly, the amount of light that reaches the watch dial (face) of the watch will be minimized.

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